If you'd like to help us spread the word about Alfred Williams, read on...
One thing is for sure: we can't do this without you!

So if you are an admirer of Alfred Williams, like us, and think his story is worth telling, please join us!

As yet, we don't see the need for a formal organisation and all the red tape that goes with it, so when we ask you to 'subscribe' to the cause, at the moment we just want you to register your support.

To start, we'd like you to email your details to us, so that we can start to build a database of supporters who would like to be contacted as our project unfolds. It would also be helpful if you could give us a brief idea of why you find Alfred interesting, how you discovered him and what you'd like to see happen to help further our aim to spread the word about him. If you have any Alfred Williams artefacts that you think might help us in our task, or some special skills/knowledge, we'd love to hear about that, too.

We'll be getting back to people, later, to discuss how we might all work together. We are going to need people to:

  • help us transcribe and proof-read Alfred's works, to make them accessible online
  • display posters and help with other publicity
  • provide information about Alfred and his works, for inclusion in this site
  • send us copies of documents, photos and other information that can be included in these pages
  • volunteer to help at events - selling tickets, ushering, car parking, etc
  • tell us their ideas about furthering the cause
  • help in various other ways
We're not asking anybody to commit to anything yet, but we would love to know that you're behind us!

We're not asking for any money (not yet, anyway), but you can support us financially by buying a copy of The Hammerman, a 'rock opera' written and performed by our Chair, Dr John Cullimore. All proceeds from sales of CDs go to the society, and they can be purchased online, through John's personal site.