Contact us if you are looking for a speaker for your group
The primary aim of the Alfred Williams Heritage Society is to spread the word about the half-forgotten local hero in our midst - so we are keen to present illustrated talks to schools, societies and any other interested groups.

The talks usually take the form of a Powerpoint presentation with slides, presented by one of our members, which tell the story of Alfred's life and works, with opportunities to ask questions during the talk or at the end.

If time permits, we include readings from Alfred's poetry and other works, and if they are available, we like to bring along historical artefacts to make it a bit of a hands-on experience too.

However, talks can be tailored to suit your requirements, and if you have a particular theme you would like to work around, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. For example, we have given a talk to a local Indian association about Alfred's Indian connections, and we can also provide specific information to groups concerned with particular locations (for example, towns and villages mentioned in his writings).

As Alfred led such a varied and rich life, we rarely run out of things to talk about! We are flexible, so daytime as well as evening talks are possible.

We do not generally make a charge for talks or ask for expenses to be paid, but donations to the society are welcome. We are a registered charity and all the money we raise is used in our broad aim of spreading the word still further.

We prefer to be contacted by email, but you may also phone the society's Vice-chair, Graham Carter, on 01793 346316.